These 19 Adorable Animals Will Put a Smile on Your Lips. #14 Made Me Go Totally Awww…

Anyone who’s had pets knows that animals definitely have something similar to ‘laughter’. Science seems to agree as well. That derpy way your dog looks at you when he is happy? Scientists believe that may very well be a ‘laughter’ clue.

But science aside, animals can certainly do one thing: put a smile on your lips. So on that note, I give to you these 19 cute critters that will make you break out in the broadest of smiles.

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The Amazing Story of Patrick the Pitbull Brought Me to Tears. But By Picture #18, I Had the Widest Smile on My Face

Today, I stumbled upon the story of Patrick, a Pitbull abandoned and left for dead by its owner, and the incredible kindness of the people who rescued him. It’s a story that brought me to tears and left me shaking with anger. But by the time I was finished, I had a renewed sense of faith in the essential goodness of human beings.

So let me tell you about Patrick who was found in a garbage bin…

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13 Historical Photographs Restored and Colorized…I Couldn’t Tear My Eyes Away From #7

Colorization is the process of restoring and adding colors to old photographs. It’s a slow, painstaking process that requires a nuanced understanding of photo restoration and color. It also requires a knowledge of using colors to fit the mood, atmosphere and most importantly, the time-period of the original photo. So when I saw the colorized […]

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If You’re Having a Bad Day, Read This Story. You’ll Thank Me When You’re Done, I Promise.

So picture this: you’re working on your new rose patch in the backyard, shoveling mounds of manure into the soil, and generally being a good citizen of the earth. Then you spot something moving ever so slightly in the mulch to your left. Concerned, you move closer, thinking it might be some horrifying critter or worse (gasp!) a spider.

Instead, this little fella tumbles out…

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If You Saw Her on the Street, You Would Be Scared. But Watch What Happens When She Removes the Makeup. AMAZING Transformation!

Meet Mel, a 20 year old Punk-rocker from England. Mel has been fascinated by all things punk as long as she can imagine… Which tends to make a lot of people very uncomfortable. But beneath all that makeup and punk-rock clothes is a beautiful woman. Don’t believe it? Watch what happens when Mel removes the […]

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